Songdo & Korea: Remarkable Strategy And Execution

By May 16, 2018Others

Regardless of whether you live in a smart city or not, it is imperative to stay abreast with the technological advancements, failing to which, the competition will wallop you. Songdo and Korea made the best use of their second chance in the economy by making changes in their strategies.

The later months of 2008 were not, to say the least, encouraging for Cisco’s smart & connected city strategy. Yet, it was precisely at this point that Cisco received a much-needed endorsement & jolt of energy. The company’s corporate leadership strongly supported the smart city vision and was ready to give it another try, in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.

Although Saudi Arabia remained a chief area of concern for a brief period, Cisco executed smart strategies elsewhere and continued their stride. Post the turmoil, Saudi Arabia became the main source of their next important connection. It turned out to be a fantastic turnaround for Cisco.

Cisco was ready and aware of the developments in Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) for several years. While South Korea made remarkable progress in regional economy, the top executives of Cisco implemented renewed and smart technologies, which enabled the company to expand its services further. This move kept Japan and China at bay despite their relentless economic pressure. For long, the Koreans had relied on manufacturing sector for their gains but that move would not suffice anymore. Whatever the focal points, the economic drivers that had brought prosperity would have to be changed out for a new design.  

By the time Cisco stepped into a much larger role in Songdo’s development, it was clear that market trends were shaping their mission even as they negotiated their role with other partners. Songdo would need a tremendous ICT network to function at its forecast capacity.

Cisco decided to implement Internet of Everything (IoE), their vision, at the root of a city, which accounted for the most important product in their inventory. Songdo taught the team and the industry valuable lessons about the feasibility of intelligent urbanization. Songdo, eventually became the most critical test bed for the Internet of Everything.

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